tp (TP Probe)

This does NOT work on Intel, they've changed all this stuff around

Gets stats via ioreg from hardware sensors, such as temperatures, voltages, and fanspeeds. For Mac OS X. Sensors vary depending on machine. Powermacs have lots, down to mac mini's, which don't seem to have any. Formatting may be rough, because there is wide variation between machines, and I wanted to capture all possible sensors on as many macs as possible that have data exposed this way.

Download link:


0.2: changed the math for the temperature sensors from n/2^16 to what appears to be a better formula (see *).

If you run this and it works, or doesn't work, or looks awful, or anything, please send me an email at preferably including the output of tp -l so I can make this better :)

UPDATE: This is apparently not as accurate as one might want, (see here and here) but is apparently no less accurate than many other temperature monitors. If it works, you should definitely compare it to other utilities to make sure it's in the ballpark. Also, alot of this stuff is beyond me, if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what I could do to hook this up let me know pls.

The script has made the rounds a bit now, and it seems to work on newer powerbooks and ibooks, and some Powermacs (every PMac output I've seen so far has been different!). It doesn't work on Mac Minis, and many older machines. And I really doubt it'll work on x86.

Save or copy the file to somewhere in your path. You may need to chmod +x tp. Run tp -h for a brief help message.

Depending on your machine, tp will display some or all of: